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Essay on Interracial Relationships

June 2, 2013

BP2Section: Causes
Research Question: How has interracial relationships changed over time?

Topic Sentence: Interracial relationships have changed a lot over time.

Evidence/Quote 1: Interracial relationships and marriages are becoming more common in the United States, according to a new Cornell University study. The study suggests, “We think that’s because relationships are more likely to be interacial the more recently they were formed, so younger people are more likely to have interracial relationships. This trend reflects the increasing acceptance of interracial relationships in today’s society” (Lang).

Analysis 1 (3-5 sentences):Interracial relationships are becoming more common because a lot of younger people are more open to interracial relationships. They don’t see race as a barrier. This demonstrates the way our society has become more united.

Evidence/Quote 2: In an article by Linsey Davis, Executive Vice President of the Pew Research Center Paul Taylor stated, “‘The surprising thing here is how much demographic and social change has occurred over a short time. Intermarriage was a taboo and illegal. That’s a big change in a very small amount of time’” (Davis).

Analysis 2 (3-5 sentences): There was once a time when interracial couples were something you saw on television. Now it is becoming a world-wide phenomenon. Interracial relationships were once looked at negatively, but now it is accepted almost everywhere and people have the right to marry whoever they want no matter what race they are.

Concluding Sentence: People are becoming more open to interracial relationships over time. Interracial relationships are not just something you see on TV anymore but its becoming a common thing all over the world.

This is a look at my senior essay on Interracial relationships.During my research i was really surprised to see how much interracial relationships have really increased over time. I was also surprised to see that a lot of younger people are the cause to the increase in interracial relationships.


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